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Kemah Conference Registration
2017 4-Day Summer Institutes (All 4-Day Summer Institutes are only $595 per person and include content and all manipulatives!!!)
Kemah Conference Registration
Click the button below to register online for our Kemah Conference Center Seminars.  For a printable registration form to fax click <HERE>
SPRING 2017 Writing Academy Seminars ($165 per person, per day)
SPRING 2017 Tap & Think Reading Seminars ($325 for Spring 2017 2-Day Seminar)
SPRING 2017 Top 10 Seminars Top 10 Inservices include the ten most important concepts that your students need to dive into before the STAAR test.  These concepts will be explored through whole-brain, interactive games and activities that will prepare them just in time for the assessment! ($165 per person, per day)