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BRIEF SYNOPSES OF THE WRITING ACADEMY’S “ADDITIONAL TEACHER MATERIALS” *** For a list of all of our products, and for a printable pricelist/order form that you can fax or mail in, click <HERE> ***

Comma Drama

(This book supports the Decisions Seminar) This ancillary book will answer many of the age-old comma questions and turn all of the rules for commas into fun activities that will engage students in a kinesthetic way!

Elaboration Station

(This book supports the Decisions Seminar) Elaboration is more than adding details: it is incorporating literary devices, which lead to overall fluency!  Buckle your seatbelts...and get ready to ride the train!

Expository Prompt Book

(This book supports the Expository Seminar) Teachers are always searching for prompts in which their students can use to practice newfound writing techniques.  This ancillary book contains a collection of STAAR Expository writing prompts.

Grammar Bricks

(This book supports the Decisions Seminar) Your students will enjoy this ancillary book as they try to solve the grammar puzzles.  The puzzles make for great small group activities or station activities.

Lexicon Mysteries

(This book supports the Decisions Seminar) Students will LOVE solving the mysteries behind 100 vocabulary words.  The levels of words range from easy to difficult.  Students receive new clues each day and compete with others to be the best sleuth in the class!

Sentence Weather

(This book supports the Decisions Seminar) Understanding parts of speech is essential to becoming a good written communicator.  Students will have fun learning the parts of speech because each is attached to weather symbols.  This approach makes learning grammar absolutely attainable - especially for learners who need to see it visually!

Prompt Book

This book provides over 100 prompts for all writing styles.  Don’t spend your time “reinventing the wheel.”  Take advantage of the work already done by The Writing Academy!

Spelling Spirals

(This book supports the Decisions Seminar) Dive into this ancillary book to find weekly activities for the 125 most misspelled words.  The activities are based on the multiple intelligences and the learning styles.

Project Paper

This book is designed to accompany the Prompt Booklet.  Creative final draft papers encourage students to spend time writing their final draft.  There are clever drawings to address each writing style which make this step of the process fun and aid in promoting creativity.